Contract, hire or purchase this groundbreaking system – less dust, less water, better results

EcoVapourClean is a leader in providing vapour-abrasive blast equipment for the coating removal and surface preparation industry.  We take pride in knowing that our equipment provides an eco-friendly method of abrasive blasting. With our ability to eliminate up to 92% of airborne particles, while achieving or exceeding removal rates comparable to traditional dry blasting, we can improve your efficiency by minimising containment and reducing project costs.

Reduce materials. Save time.  Save money.

Uses less water and less blast media than traditional water based blasting.  Eliminates 92% of airborne dust.

Minimal clean up

The vastly reduced water and media requirements involves little or no containment or cleanup and reduces upto 95% of airborne particles

All environments

Use to remove bitumen, asphalt, concrete, paint and stucco from brick, roadways, metal and wood. Ideal for surface preparation prior to painting or sealing

Ideal for restoration

With blast pressures as low as 30 psi, EcoVapourClean is perfect for delicate surfaces such as wood or marble, perfect for restoration jobs

Industrial applications

EcoVapourClean is a one-step cleaning and surface preparation machine saving hours of labour and costly dissassembly or masking.