Eco Vapour Clean in action in London

Eco Vapour Clean in action in London

Technicians from D-Drill followed up their latest kerb cutting project with a the ECO vapour blasting machine to give the kerbs an authentic, textured edge to ensure the aesthetics were maintained with the rest of the street.

The firm also provided a gradual transitional cut from 45 degrees to 90 degrees at each end of the project. The reason for the work was to make it a more cycle friendly environment for hundreds of cyclists who bike past the reservation on a daily basis.

D-Drill MD and inventor Julie White said: “I am so pleased that the D-Kerb machine is already proving so popular and is providing a practical, cost-effective solution.

“I invented the machine to meet a specific need around cycle lanes. I explored if there was anything else like it on the market and when I discovered that there wasn’t, I came up with the design.

“It’s the only machine of its type in the world and with cycling and cycle lanes becoming increasingly popular, it could be extremely busy over the next few years – especially in London and other major cities in the UK.”

She added: “We’ve brought in the vapour blasting machine from the USA to ensure we give the kerbs the right textured finish and they do look great – it’s also better from a health & safety point of view because there is less hand/arm vibration than with other methods.

“We have invested significant time and resource into this new service and it’s fantastic to see it paying off.”