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How is EcoVapourClean’s approach better than dry blasting?

Uses 75%  less abrasive without sacrificing production and eliminates up to 92 percent of airborne dust which saves on clean-up and disposal costs.  Aggressive enough to expose aggregate AND gentle enough to remove coatings from brick or stone without damage to mortar or soft surfaces.

Is it environmentally friendly?

The EcoVapourClean approach uses less blast media, less water and produces less waste so it is environmentally friendly from beginning to end

What environments can your machines be used in?

The machines available through EcoVapourClean can be used in any environment where dry or wet blasting is applicable.  It's superior technology enables it to be used in difficult environments such as high humidity, rain and even under water.

How much will it cost?

EcoVapourClean is a highly efficient method of surface preparation and cleaning.  Call us for more information on hiring, contracting or purchase on 02476 615 425

Can I use the machines on fragile surfaces?

Our machines are safe to use on statues, monuments and artefacts due to its effectiveness at low pressure

Is specialist breathing equipment required?

Traditional methods require containment and screening and breathing apparatus where as the EcoVapourClean approach enables the operator to work in enclosed areas or open-air spaces around other workers without the need for specialist breathing equipment.

Do the machines work on graffiti?

The machines are built with adjustable pressure settings enabling it to be used on fragile surfaces such as brick.  Graffiti can be stripped while protecting the sub-surface.  They can also remove a layer of paint at a time enabling the removal of graffiti from painted surfaces such as signs.